Site Placement

I am currently living in district capital of Malema, Nampula, in the north of Mozambique. My town averages about 100,000 people, tons of primary schools and one secondary school, where I will be teaching English and French.

Malema is known for being on the EN8, between Cuamba (an actual large town in the province of Niassa) and Nampula City (the largest city in the north of the country). Other than that, it’s known for its sorghum and onion production (you’re looking at the Mozambican capital of onions ladies and gentleman) and the fact that most of the EN8 coming from Nampula City is paved. Other than that, it’s not known for much else.

Nampula is one of the two provinces in Mozambique that got poorer in the past five years. Nampula province has a shortage of about 90,000 desks, and the province also under budgeted the money to build new school rooms, so my classes will average about 150 students per classroom.

Nampula recently made the news because of reports on the high prevelance of  underage marriages, (my neighbor was just telling me that she got married at 17.) Malema was also recently talked about in the news, for reasons that aren’t very positive as well.