Day 365

Today marks 365 days in Mozambique. Volunteers from Moz 27 are commemorating in their own special ways all around the country- I’ve put together a short video showcasing the views from the Estradas Nacionais, the main roads, especially the EN13- my most frequented road.

As much as I wish I had the eloquence to be able to sum up the past 365 days with words, I’d rather copy-paste the start of a poem one of my friends and fellow volunteer, Peggy,  wrote about the past 365 days. (I highly recommend checking out the whole thing, and her whole blog!)

Of filling up water buckets at the crack of dawn
Of hand washing clothes on the back lawn
Of boiling kettles water for hot bucket baths
Of walking to school to teach kids maths
Of uncomfortable rides in overcrowded cars
Of eating xima and pork at local bars
Of setting small fires to burn my own trash
Of waiting in long lines to withdraw cash

Of nodding through conversations without knowing what’s said
Of becoming friends with the ladies who sell me bread
Of eating countless meals of rice and beans
Of 80 degree days being cold enough for jeans
Of wearing a white bata that can never stay clean
Of trying to turn down proposals without seeming mean


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