Mãe, I made it!

(I think) Much to the surprise of my Mozambican host family, the end of our 13 weeks of training has quickly arrived, and tomorrow 64 of us from Moz 27 are going to the Ministry of Education to swear in (in matching capulanas!) as official Peace Corps Volunteers. Then, it’ll be a final fancy dinner, a final beer (or beers, or possibly lots of gin) before heading on my 6:30am flight, and then 6 hour chapa ride to my site in Malema.

The past 89 days (but who’s counting …) have been a roller coaster ride, (which may or may not be why I haven’t updated this blog in a while), but surprising myself and making it to the end of training (with the help of lots of friends listening to my bitching, pit-stops in barracas, homemade samosas, a Mozambican Thanksgiving and “Prom”) make me pretty ready to get to Malema. Living alone seems terrifying, but I can’t help but admit that it will be nice to have be able to sleep in, not having mãe guilt/shame me into taking two-three bucket baths a day, and getting force fed seconds and thirds.

Today, I got double good news, I learned that a house has been found for me… and I made a friend in Malema! The only details I have is that there are bars on the windows and I think it’s close to the market. I’m assuming it’ll be completely empty once I get there (apparently our luggage is supposed to arrive during our first week at site) but it’ll be fun to treat the Malema central market like a Mozambican version of an Ikea apartment-furnishing shopping trip. My friend is the secretary at school, Sandra, who I met in October and now sends me an average of two whatsapps every three days to check in on me, and yesterday told me quer ser sua amiga. Not fully sure how Mozambicans make friends but this seems like it should work pretty well.

The next 89% (24 months) of my Peace Corps service seem vague and very unstructured and a bit lonely, though as my grandma told me “it’s impossible to be lonely when you’re surrounded by people.” Honestly, pretty excited to see how the next few weeks are going to go: I’m accepting all encouraging/entertaining/weird whatsapp messages and Joe Biden memes starting now +258 870887118. 


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